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Spiritual, first of all, is unable to co-alive with the civilized society as an essence.
So long as Spiritual itself indicates social-value-experiences' boundary and developments, Spiritual's boundaries are to be compounded to narrow fields, along social-civilized-expansions.
Against essentials' rationalizations or orderizations, Spiritual itself may not be composed; antinomy in an essence.
The more the Human Beings' civilizations advance up, the more complexy profoundness roads may become complexies towards in the Human Beings and spiritual's relations. Then, the Human Beings there-in, and became into civilization' tendencies, one may lost, by and by, one's genious essences. Civilization may weaken one's genious parts and colorless one.
Myself, by nature have been making "Spiritual" essence inside, and have been feeling slight fear in myself. At my childhood days, I had never controlled any means against Spiritual's strange mighty -powers. But, according to my owns unknown techniques and manners added, I had been recognizing in my soul that myself had been and have been baptized under humanity-pured-trainings. I, myself, do well understand its impossibility to express in literacy expressions, any sort of Arts, for instance, Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Musics, Dancing either, I have been strongly wishing to express the relations between the Universe and myself with Spiritual.
It can be said that what expressed by solitude Spiritual may be, in other essence, described by solitude Spiritual. Basic impulse pushing up by innerside corners, and impulse from the insides have no past histories and futures. There are no more any meanings towards the time-passing-analysis, to me. This is the fixed movement or action given to me.
"Present : now-existence" is only preserved in or at Spiritual, and after that I, myself would be to be baptised along puredly-maintained, I dare say to myself and others that I may go back and belong to Spiritual.



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