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2021/ 2/16(Tue) 14:52:33

Isn't there any change for ladies and gentlemen?
Accelerator and brake are repeated until the corona wreck is settled.
The same applies to exchanges with overseas, and the lineup of works is limited due to the raw materials, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us each time.
As for furniture and tableware, it can be deployed as usual.
Please spend your time with your own love.

2020/ 4/ 1(Wed) 20:11:57

We are worried about everyone under the influence of the new coronavirus.
At present, we only produce raw materials for domestic procurement.
Therefore, there are some works that are more expensive than before,
Thank you for your understanding and understanding.
Our world wants to regain our daily life as early as one day,
but someday, We meets for a sunny day.
Please pay attention and beloved and spend every day.

2020/ 1/14(Tue) 20:13:00

Happy New Year!
Thank you to the thing which gave patronage for a work last year.
Now, I think to be able to tell you one wonderful event in this year. Our work had the value from the U.S.A and E.U much already, but I confirmed that I'm working on offer in it specifically.
I'll tell you later on for details, so please expect it.
Also please enjoy this year.

2018/ 9/24(Mon) 00:22:37

ARTery 2015-2018 published.
We made it as an album focusing on what we had photographed the mental scenery of artist.
You can also see the work scenery.

2016/12/ 6(Tue) 16:37:44

Housing interior, exterior production "Wind mischief: sandprint / stream" released.
→ Photo Gallery

2016/ 1/18(Mon) 14:53:48

A Happy New Year! We received the long New Year holiday in establishment for the 20th year. He goes traveling, He prepares something immersed in a creation experimental production, He make parent nursing. How to have time was various. It would be eternal in building everyone and a staff of feeling. And We devote ourself to beautiful work creating. This year, __ beautifulness, fortune __

2015/ 8/20(Thu) 13:04:38

A photo gallery was renewed. Of a new design "TSUBOMI", it's being made.
Kilei & Beautiful.

2015/ 1/ 6(Tue) 14:46:59

Autumn in 2014, "TOBIRA_The door" unveiled in Tokyo Roppongi midtown garden.
Domestic and abroad a lot of customers were seen during a session. It's the part, but I make them introduce, and I receive the comment brought near from a customer in it. I'll be thankful that something felt, something with light youth through which I live in the future and everybody told us a background of the respective life and memorization by an individual "their word".

● When I'm walking while bending, they seem to see prosperity while being always exposed to the light.

● One over the door seems very funny.

●... which sees the last door part as "Sefa utaki" *in okinawa, location registered as a World Heritage.
It's felt over the door as there are some sacred precincts like "Kudakashima".

● The good world of IGOKOCHI divides space and it's small, but a very wonderful work.
Though such world could be made, the material as the stone was very fresh, and a stimulus was received.

● The movement which closes the "door" which opens "door" of Japan ancient times, to become a series of work.
It was very good.

● A japanese tea ceremony, for the first time, finally, 1 year. It's still learned.
The one which connects was felt. I was glad to see.
The stone skin a rock surface won't be. It was also study that there is a name respectively.

● A shoulder can't be serviceable and pass. If I think so, you tell to squat.
Well, it was whether it was so and that I didn't notice such easy thing.
Before they're just a little regaining consciousness and conversion of idea, it's advanced and the different world is seen, and.
A life may also be such one.

● I like a stone very much, while, it seems to have been comfortable fun space for a child.

● A work (in the past) had been just judged from Kasama yesterday.
, I can meet artist Usi today, and so happy! The new work is also impressive.

● The form that I passed the door completely and looked back to later was also beautiful.

● A TOBIRA_the door was a wood (The* experimental production was made of wood.) ,and now stone, Its very powerful work and is nice.
Like the concept of a work that I span, enter, pass and go out By clean action “SHOSA”.I'd like to do.

● I have begun to think of a stone stage “The ISHI BUTAI” in Nara.
Next the architectonic style beauty was felt.

● I'm going to have passed unexpectedly.
In the time when I entered and the time when I go out
Air was different, and it was felt.
It was strange pleasure.
Why is it?

2014/11/ 2(Sun) 23:12:10

-New work news- Released "The door"(TOBIRA). [Spiritual Light] → [Works] → "TOBIRA"

2014/10/12(Sun) 22:22:20

- The 10th INADA Stone Exhibition 2014
- October 17, 2014 to November 3.
- Tokyo Midtown, Midtown garden * admission-free

New work "The door" (TOBIRA).

The artist's usi imagination.
It is a step to the keen minimum.
The light which is beyond a door, and its scene are spectacles which are in sight only of you.
This is only your door.
And if it turns round, you will notice that another scene has spread.

The craftsman of a stone -- please further observe -- the tenacity of purpose of Susumu SHIOHATA, and the beautiful skin.

- Work message
A door opens. A door is closed.
Moreover, the next door opens.
Memory of when.
On the other side,there is light.
Flow and it changes.

2014/ 8/16(Sat) 22:48:31

The photogallery updated.
You can see the trial of new work "TOBIRA"

2014/ 8/ 7(Thu) 14:15:46


2014/ 8/ 7(Thu) 14:14:50


[Flash] The trial product of 2014 new work "TOBIRA_door" is sent. At "Teens creation 2014 and JAGDA Kanagawa triennial 2014".
Although it is wooden, since it is a model seen only this time, go out please.
term: -- Wed., August 6, 2014
Sun., 10th -- 10:00-20:00
The hall: Cultural center Lilith (gallery)
* Before JR Keihin Tohoku Line "Hongodai" Station
- Work name
- Work introduction
A door opens. A door is closed.
Moreover, the next A door opens.
Memory of when On the other side There is light.
Flow It changes?

2014/ 4/25(Fri) 14:31:45

"DEN" exhibited in Tokyo Midtown last year gained popularity of the like which is not once.
The voice received from you, many galleries, was very interesting.
You conveyed comment with "the feeling which becomes in its inside."
Please look at many messages.

It is interesting.
- There were a relaxed feeling when the leg (smile) which such adult I put in, and also is very comfortable as for inside and has become wanting in one house is taken out, and a hamper!!
- Born feeling -
It became good movement!
Thank you, pleasant -
- pleasant Thank you,
- child came out happily very much, and did (^^) Thank you (^^)
- touch -- It is glad to a person with its child!
- The scenery of seeing from outside, and the scene which is in sight from inside are interesting.
If it is inside It got used to comfortable feeling.
It was wonderful.
- If empty is seen from inside He feels relieved.
Sense of security is felt.
- I was pleasant to be comfortable.
thank you (^^) - it is a comfortable place.
He is likely to sleep!!
- if wrapped in a stone -- - surely -- -
The thing of all - that moves to eyes is the -message.
- When it enters into the space of a stone, differ from usually.
There is feeling.
It was interesting.
- SU-KOi!
love from Bngkok.-ROCK&COOL!!!
- To Mr. Ushi san
It is pleasant, new, and interesting.
- Crack -- Sound
- It is the rich laborious work of creativity.
It was a very wonderful work.
80 years old
- Or [ the inside of a stone ]
A mind feeling is good.
It was pleasant.
- Easy and warmth were felt with the feeling wrapped though connected with the external world.
About the image imagined from a material called a stone
He was able to enjoy himself by the different impression.
- I was very pleasant to have come into contact with a stone.
I feel that the meaning different from the "stone" which he considers again was felt usually!
- The empty seen from the hole was.
Usually, the scene which has not been seen was great.
- It was a great art!!
Impression **
- Since work which makes a plane work was done, experience which contracts the body and feels sound in the whole body was very fresh.
- If inattentive, stop coming out (real experience).
- Space made from one stone.
It was a work with much echoing voice, smooth curve, and new experience.
The work which can do each person's view (--, such as a kangaroo, Momotaro, and an egg).
It was very interesting!
- Love the two textures of the stone.Great
to see art that can be touched and enjoyed
by adults and children.
- Companion ? which is the method of
- A sake is also pleasant to see.
When it goes into inside, in addition, it is pleasant.
- It was pleasant!

- and -- it was pleasant space.
- I thought that it was a place good for reading a book.
- Since picture was taken all together, it was good.
(^^). It was [ the back ] pleasant (^^) - It kneaded.
(if it brings home) Since the inside of - was pleasant space for it to be deeply large It crowded together.
- I was glad to have made each of everybody's.
- It seemed to be wonderful.
- it is in crack いて and surprised - egg than expected -- as -- ?
It comes and was easy to have!!
- The heart fell and stuck (^^) I tried to want to return to a baby.
- The feeling became good.
- To inside It says. It was pleasant.
- It was pleasant.
- It was pleasant to feel cool when going into inside.
He had a feeling currently protected.
- This was carried out and it cut.
- It is pleasant!
- Your artwork is nice!!
- He tried to want to have special secret.
It felt cool and was pleasant.
It comes and was easy to have.
- Jake S.S settle down - pleasant It wants also in my house.
M. H and comfortableness were good.
- I was allowed to go into inside.
inside is larger than an entrance in sound sounding As [ wrap ]
In space It was comfortable.
When entering into Kyoko & Ryota -, inside was large in it being unexpected.
- It was pleasant.
- Since it became like 3D just as it said, it was surprised.
- Type was surprised by the very much pleased writer's power. Aoki
- Does cold warmth of a stone settle down?
- It became wanting in one house!
- the place to ↓ place - be -- !
- the inside of this -- time -- (ing) -- empty -- seeing -- if -- a child -- it is not -- even if -- forever -- the inside of this -- it is -- it is likely to consider .
- As children said very much mind, it has come twice.
- Since the child is glad Parents are also pleasant.
- I wanted for a stone to get cold very.
- Having entered into a stone was pleasant.
- It was pleasant.
It comes and was easy to have.
- It is narrow and interesting! (^^). It is pleasant to be cold [ - stone ].
- After growing up, it has experience which is required in the motherly belly. Interesting デス.
- I would like to have come to sleep as it is, when going into inside.
- I would like to already go into inside for a while.
the scene which was in sight from inside -- true -- completely -- it was interesting.
- Very much (^^) It fell and attached.
The inside of ♪- needed in a house was interesting.
- Inside is □□□.
- When going into inside, it was pleasant for the way to have been like the skate.
- It seemed that it was in - interior of the womb.
- It wants to the inside to shoot.
When it is tired with work I would like to carry out stiffness.
- It was very comfortable.
- I was pleasant for outside to have seen from the hole.
- It was able to return to an embryonic feeling.
It is great!!
- It was pleasant?
- Museum!
- Inside of a circle! It was pleasant.
It was touch as -? by which the time of coming out was produced.
- It was felt large than expected when it went into inside!
the "Stone Age" -- it does not go away.
- It fell and attached.
- It became the feeling which melted into a part of rock and returned automatically.
a rock -- thus, I thought whether to look up at empty.
It is as pleasant as unexpected. Can it sit down?

2014/ 1/ 3(Fri) 15:30:16

We appreciate everybody's aid last year. Artists and the staff work with a soul this year also. usi's New work "DEN" was exhibited to Tokyo Midtown, and got large popularity. Much opinion was very interesting. "Beautiful" and "Smart", and not such common comment but a gallery told "feeling" obediently. And the "feeling" had caught the artist's essence splendidly. We were surprised,and glad. It was the moment the artist and the gallery began the spiritual dialog through the modeling work. The dialog of an artist and a gallery will start completely this year.

2013/10/29(Tue) 19:49:26

Thank you for many comment of Now Showing "DEN" at midtown.
I will introduce in part.

"warmth which Feels at ease as a person",
"comfort Wrapped in sound and air",
"If it is here, it gets used to itself"...

The visitor is feeling the work.
The visitor writes the comment of a work in the language of the heart.
Since an artist's usi also values esthetic spiritualism, it is very much pleased with it.

2013/10/25(Fri) 11:48:51

[Exhibition autumn] INADA STONE EXHIBITION 2013
2013/10/18 Fri.-11/4 Mon. 24H OPEN. Admission-free
The hall: Roppongi Tokyo Midtown / midtown garden
* New work "DEN" Now Showing.

A stone is worn.
It seems to be a stone 12-layered garment.
Are they a princess or dolls for the Girls' Festival?

"Sit on inside.
Be clothed in a stone.
Closing your eyes, and see the other side of a window.
Someone is waiting for your eyes.
It will become a smiling face at the great moment."

2013/ 1/ 9(Wed) 21:58:23

2013 A Happy New Year!
The new work announcement of the beginning of this year.
{Point} by usi.
at Works, Photo Gallery

2012/10/30(Tue) 00:26:01

[Exhibition autumn] INADA STONE EXHIBITION 2012
2012/10/26 Fri.-11/4 Sun.
The hall: Roppongi Tokyo Midtown / midtown garden
* Admission-free * New work "10" (Toh) Now Showing.
It is "a small bridge" with "a feeling of a large scale."
Please take a look and cross.
Is a wonderful trip felt?

2012/10/ 7(Sun) 13:11:37

[The Lecture meeting of autumn] Wed,October 24- 13:30 Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken Daihara junior high school * Public utility foundation corporation on Sendai Hito-Machi exchange foundation.
[2012 Kanagawa Shimbun advertising prize] Tue, October 2. It participates as a judging committee.
The Hitachi Yokohama branch "kanagawa environmental junior summit 2011" is elected as the highest award.
[Conrad Tokyo hotel_ Mizuki spa] It is a minor change about "the Lunar trail" at a men's mist sauna.